PCI      Validated

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ISI Credit Card Authorization is available for all current versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Eliminates double entry, no need to enter transaction data into two different systems. Allows quicker, more efficient transaction processing

Process credit card transactions in Sales Order Processing,  Cash Receipts or Website.

You can process the initial order on the web and then perform any necessary follow-up procedures such as Batch Processing, Recurring Billing, Voids and Returns.

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Provides a seamless interface to Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (SOP), Receivables Management, and Cash Receipts

Brochure for merchant using CyberSource (pdf)



ISI Credit Card Authorization was created with Dexterity to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.



A Total Credit Card Solution


A complete Electronic Draft Capture (EDC) 
financial transaction system




  • Support for token-based CyberSource service. No sensitive credit card information is stored on merchant's system avoiding the need for storing encrypted data.

  • PCI Validated when using CyberSource

  • Support for PC-Charge Pro. Credit card information is stored encrypted on merchant's system.

  • Mail Order, Telephone or Internet transactions

  • Single or Multi-Merchant

  • Sales, Pre and Post Authorization

  • Book and Ship Capabilities

  • Address Verification

  • Purchase Card Level II

  • Real time and Batch Mode

  • Payments are automatically created for all transactions successfully authorized

  • CVV2 Processing

  • Processes all major credit cards

  • Numerous reports including Audit Trail, custom reports available

  • Available for United States and Canada

  • Installation and training available from ISI

  • Or your custom specifications



  •  Process sales or pre-authorizations from your web site.

  • Sales Batch Processing option performs the sale in batch mode. Start it up and walk away.

  • Post-Authorize Batch option processes pre-authorized transactions. Great for post-authorizing ready-to-ship orders.

  • Recurring Billing option automatically creates and stores periodic invoices and authorizes them in batch mode. 

  • Card Swipe option available.