Track patient activities daily, generate payroll transactions and claims periodically.

Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP


ISI Health Care Management software allows you to manage patient insurance records and billing information, produce daily activity reports, and seamlessly integrate these items with Payroll and Receivables Management.



  • Maintain Patient Database

  • Insurance and Billing Information by Patient - Insurance records and billing information are maintained for each patient, in a patient database

  • One or More Sources of Payment

  • Daily Patient Activity Files - A window is provided for entering daily activity information which includes number of hours health care workers spend with patients

  • Daily activity information is used to create payroll transactions for the health care workers and invoices to insurance companies and patients

  • Creates Payroll Transactions to Match Billing Cycle - The automated payroll process creates a Payroll Batch which is then handled the same as any other Payroll Batch in Dynamics

  • Billing Process Creates Sales Transactions for Receivables Management - The automated billing process allows multiple invoices to be generated for Primary and Secondary payment sources

  • Support for HIPAA


  • Home Health Care Option - is designed for companies where the Health Care workers are employees of the company. It allows auto-generation of payroll transactions and auto-generation of claims and invoices based on daily activities.

  • Electronic Billing Option

  • Activity and Billing for Personal Care, Respite Care, Elderly and Disabled, Private Care, Mental Retardation and Skilled Nursing

  • Analysis of your business system for cost reduction and HIPAA

  • Or Create Your Custom Specification


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ISI Health Care Management was created with Dexterity to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP